Kitchen "White" by design

Overall Interior solution in Veliko Tarnovo.

This romantic white living room was designed and realized by ArtEst Furniture in 2017.

Description of the Interior Solution

This solid wood kitchen in white, designed for private clients, flows into a functional showcase wall with a lot of decorative elements, functional drawers and beautiful glass doors. The corner shelf connects with the custom-made cabinet, behind which is hidden a gas boiler and communications. The furnace and kitchen hood in retro style complement the search vision. The decorative shelves above the kitchen hood and the fridge are custom-made and contribute to the style as well. The showcases and the doors with lattices are both beautiful and functional. There is a built-in dishwasher in the kitchen.

The overall vision of the dining room is completed with a round table and chairs custom-made in Lira Luxe and Vegas Luxe styles.