Kitchen "Ema 3"

Колко време е нужно за проектиране и изработка? 

Времето за проектиране на тези вълшебни кухни е около 10 работни дни.

Срокът на изработка – около два месеца.

Не се колебайте да се свържете с нашите дизайнери и да заявите индивидуална консултация.

Всеки ден от 10,00 до 19,00 ч. или заповядайте на място в нашия шоу-рум в р. Варна.

Modern, Stylish, Conquering and always different – this is how we can best describe the kitchens in style Ema.

Modern – because white is always modern.

Stylish – because of the charm of their classical form.

Conquering – because of the emotion invested in them. Each one of the kitchens is designed for the individual, for a specific home and according to the desires of the client.

Always Different – because they are made from solid wood, which is always unique. Every detail is handpicked, processed and painted by hand.

And the small decorative drawers – they are the accent to each composition, whether from solid wood, cloth or other materials, they round out the uniqueness of each design in this style.